KIM1541 & SD2IEC is my new choice

I've changed my workflow on my KIM-1 clone PAL-1.
Some weeks ago I was either using the teletype to transfer my programs to the KIM, or burned them on a EEPROM to have them permanent. This last option makes sense when you have to deal with operating system stuff like WozMon and .... the KIM Disk Drive routines from Dave McMurtrie. (look at my Blogposts: and c64-KIM1 Disk

Since I now own a SD2IEC device, that acts like a 1541 Commodore Disk Drive, my workflow has changed dramatically.
I can write the sourcecode, assemble it with 64tass, and it already has the proper binary format, which has the starting address at the leading two bytes (lo/hi). I only need to copy the output to the SD card and load it with the kernal routines. Yes, it's that easy!

For example Hans Ottens new patched MS BASIC 1.2 :
Put it on disk, and it loads within 6 seconds!
I love it ;)

Have a brilliant day,