a disk drive for my PAL-1

As you might have seen in my former blogentry, https://commodore.international came up with the idea of using a Floppy disk drive 1541 with his KIM-1.
I myself have a lot of those drives, so why not give it a try.

The start is of course Dave's youtube video. The program that drives everything is available in the video description, as well as the sourcecode.
I painted a little schematic of how to connect the KIM-1/PAL-1 by watching the video carefully:

The adapter uses only 6 parts: a 7406 6xInverter, 4 resistors and the Jack to plug in ther serial IEC cable from the 1541.

prototyping board for the PAL-1

The software was converted into a papertape file, so I could load it for testing before burning it to an EPROM. I also changed the starting adress of the loading and saving routines for later purposes to $A000. You can find all this in my gdrive.

And what shall I say: It worked right from the start. Thank you Dave! What a cool and well presented project.

You can watch the result here in a youtube video:

As Hans suggested, you could also attatch a SD2IEC device, which turnes this adapter into a SDcard reader for the KIM-1 / PAL-1.

Have fun, stay childish, Webdoktor