SD2IEC - KIM-1 experiments

Yesterday was one of the most horrible days in my life. I was woken by a noisy sound, which turned out to be my main water pipe in the house. Turning off the main valve didn't work it was broken right after the entrance to my house. One hour passed until the "watermaster" of my community arrived and closed the whole steets water supply. My sleeping room is completely destroyed. I was working the whole day to save my furniture and my goods.

NEVERTHELESS I tried hooking up a sd2iec device to my KIM-1 with the kernal routines written by Dave McMurtrie (see And what shall I say: It works like a charm. enter image description hereenter image description here

If you transfer your programs to the sd card, remember to remove the prg ending. The KIM can only read filenames from 01 to FE

so long for now, Webdoktor