how to import vcf VCards to your palm pre 
7.11.09, 08:37 - Linux
gepostet von web doc
my old Cellphone just spits out single *.vcf files, one for each contact. This is kind of odd, cause the only way to import it to your Palm Pre is to import it first to Gmail and let the Mobile Device sync.

Now I definetly do not want to import 150+ contacts to GMAIL one by one.

What to do?

Just copy all single vcf files into a big one!

- open a cmd and go to the directory where you stored all your *.vcf files.
- use the command
copy *.vcf  bigone.vcf

result is a file called bigone.vcf, where you combined all single files. now import this to gmail and your done.

Its soooooo simple!
yours, webdoc

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