The lovely couple of Quickdump and Versaload

Today I present to you a fastloader for the tapes of a KIM-1.

Quickdump and Versaload

I found this little gem in a german magazine called "Micromag" from 1978.

Basically its John Olivers Superdump and Superload combined with some other useful tools. I just typed it in and did not proofread the sources yet. So if you find some errors, please let me know.

enter image description here

The loadig and saving routines have double speed compared to JB's Hypertape. This is possible because Jim stayed close to the original tape saving routines and only speeded up the interval between the 0's and the 1's. But the original routines saved one Byte by using two ASCII characters ($AA was saved as $41$41) which is a complete design failure if you ask me. John Olivers routine saves $AA as $AA ... and this doubled the speed. The only downside is that you lose the compatibility to the build in ROM routines.

If you are interested in the article describing everything and the sources or papertapes, you can find everything on my github page:

Have fun, webdoktor