The 4 $ PC (24 MHz Z80 CP/M)

Since a while I've notived Giudo Lehwalders port of the RunCPM Z80 Emulator to the Pi pico. It features a SD Card reader and a fully installed CP/M system.

enter image description here

I never used or owned a Z80 computer, but I had this 2$ Pi pico in a drawer. The next logical step was to order the 2$ SD card reader and wire it up (not beautiful, but working):

enter image description here

The build little computer is being attatched to the USB port of a computer and can be accessed via a terminal program like Teraterm or Putty.

It simply works! Very smooth and funny to use, enough free space on the SD card for all CP/M programs ever written I think.

enter image description here

Guido's Git with the compiled binaries can be found here:
The original author of RunCPM also offers a huge library with old Z80 CP/M software:

A really small project to play with and dive into the CP/M world.

Have fun, stay childish,