Oldest magazines about early computing

Old computer magazines are always fascinating:
It's a mixture of nostalgia, retro-futurism and of course a lot of historic information.
Most of these mags were conserved by the internet archive and private persons running blogs.

My latest finding is the complete archive of the People's Computer Company:

These newsletters of the very early home computing era contain BASIC scripts, tipps, 'new' product informations, general discussions about computing, modern life and the future. I love those. You can even feel the hippie culture while reading. A magazine from computer enthusiasts for computer enthusiats. PCC lastet until 1981, but it's little sister - "Dr. Dobb’s Journal of Computer Calisthenics and Orthodontia" - was active till 2009 - https://archive.org/search?query=dr.+dobbs - also a good read.

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BTW: I even found a readers letter from my friend Bob Leedom.

Another gem is Creative Computing, a 'non-profit magazine' by David Ahl (the one with the millionseller Basic Computer Games). The audience were educators and hobbyists, with BASIC games, riddles, Information of how to use computers in education. The latest research about computer education and so on. And as so often, this magazine was found out of luck and randlomly when Ahl lost his job 1974.

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You can read the whole story in the 10 year aniversary issue of Creative Computinge (11/84): https://archive.org/details/creativecomputing-1984-11/page/n69/mode/2up?view=theater.