My little BBS moved to a SBC

I was thinking for a longer while, where I should host my Hackerforce BBS system.
A virtual server?
An old pc running WIN98?
Going on with my PC at work?

Well I repurposed my Raspberry Pi 4 ... Nextcloud fucked up anyway after one year. Unmaintainable shit corrupting the filesystem. I can not invest hundrest of hours for a system that breaks from one moment to the other and I seem to be the only person on earth with a special problem. So It's gone.

But with this I had space for my BBS:
a fresh installed Raspbian (this is getting better from version to version).
a 7'' touch display
a self designed and printed housing.

enter image description here

I opened two nodes, the update to renegade 1.33 was nothing for me, so I downgraded to 1.25
The installation of DOSbox-X was a bit tricky, as I had to use a strange tool called flathub, but in the end it worked. So now we are ONLINE 24 /7, but noone calles, hahaha.

What about a landline connection? Are modern telecommunications lines able to transport sound in a quality that let's you use a modem? I still have a 57600 modem here... maybe next week.

CU webdoktor