Missing a link to PCC?


I totally missed to give you the link to the scanned 'Peoples's Computer Company' newspapers. This job has already been finished some month ago, but I was so overwhlemed, that I missed to give you the link to the archive!
Here is the link to my gdrive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CMh_Zcwnav0A2qTncJCh3W5saTz3aOKk?usp=sharing

title of the 1st PCC

You will find two versions: one with optimized whitebalance and sharpness (best for reading), and one original, as scanned (better if you want to identify sourcecodes)

Also I uploaded most of it to archive.org, but you will not find it in the search index, IDKW.

Thank you Victoria for pointing out the missing link!

Have a nice and peaceful christmas time