KIM-VENTURE a Pen and Paper Game for the KIM-1 from 1979

It is 1979

The single board computer KIM-1 is available for three years now and still a cashcow for Commodore. Even though newer computers are available, the price for an unexpanded KIM is unbeatable.

Robert Leedom releases a KIM-1 aided Pen'n'Paper game called


enter image description here

Bob says:

Monday 1 Nov 2021 00:06 EDT

I had seen Colossal Cave Adventure running on an IBM mainframe, so I decided to see how much of a similar game I could cram into 1188 bytes--I think that's the total on a virgin KIM-1, which was the only computer I had access to. I had no I/O capabilities other than the KIM-1 display and keyboard, plus a cassette tape recorder. Therefore, the program was assembled by hand, and then I typed (on a typewriter, of course) the "listing" of the source code.

Glad that Hans Otten has made his website welcoming to everyone involved, so that this material can be archived.

Hope you all get a chance to play KIM-Venture and are able to retrieve the treasures and get out of the cave!

enter image description here

You could find this operating manual including the source on, but not the gameplay instructions nor the working tape files.

Last week Dave Wiliams showed a picture playing the game on a KIM-1 on twitter:

This means there must have been a working copy o/

There is even a Video on youtube from Dominic Bumbaca playing KIM-VENTURE:

We were not far from seeing this game in public again after 40 years ;) - Maybe even playable on John's KIM-1 Emulator V irtual-KIM for iOS

And out of nowhere we have not 1 but 2(!) different versions of KIM-VENTURE: One from Domininc Bumbaca and another source has been discovered from Mark Bush:

Hans got the PTP, the WAV Files an the instructions. from Mr. Bumbaca, They can be downloaded here:

An here is the 2nd source I dug out. Mark Bush seems to be the creator of this Version of KIM-VENTURE He typed in the sources and even did a onefiled version:

Isn't this just amazing, that two people independetly reconstructed the code after 40 years nearly at the same time. Funny incident or a retro wave triggered by Liu, Bob Applegate and Vince Briel?

Have Fun,