1st raspberry 'project' CliMM 
28.12.12, 17:06 - Linux
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Climm is the command line multi messenger.
available on http://www.climm.org
to get it run under the raspbian wheezy distro you need to compile a boatload of packets, as the distro doesnt deliver nearly no needed dependencies:

climm requieres gnutls and tcl (a compiled version, the raspbian tcl package seems to be borked)
gnutls needs to be an outdated version! (i tried 2 days with vers. 3.1.5... 2.8 is working ;) )
gnutls depends on gmp, libgcrypt and nettle
libgcrypt requires libgpg-error and so on,
a few other dependencies have been solved with sudo apt-get install blablabla....

and now:

Raspberry Pi \\\\o/ 
28.12.12, 11:29 - Linux
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Zum Geburtstag gabs einen winzig kleinen raspberry pi von HFCOMA.
wahnsinnig geil das kleine ding. und weil es so günstig und ausdrücklich zum hacken da ist, hat sich eine riesige hackergemeinde dran gemacht das beste aus dem minicomputer rauszuholen.

der neueste clou ist die portierung des betriebssystems plan9 auf den rpi. das werde ich mir unbedingt mal anschauen.

CaTer, a C64 Terminal for using Linux 
14.12.12, 20:53 - retro & C64
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terminal programs for your 30 year old commodore is nothing really new, but this one is a bit special:
it is designed as a cartridge, so you do not have to load any programm, but rather just turn on your c64.
the serial connection is being etablished with the build in 232 routines; very simple, but slow.
just a little glue to get the same voltage levels on both sides, C64 and Linux PC...

On the PC side you need to teach your Linux to talk not too much (40 colums 25 rows on the c64)

the authors manual is great: http://formica.nusseis.de/Cater/
seht und staunt:

LCDsmartie ... 
2.12.12, 19:43 - Dies und Das
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years ago i build a lcd screen for my pc to view stats / the console in linux.
it was a 4*40 matrix with 4 buttons attatched.

tonight i installed a windows tool calles LCDsmartie, which is also for showing stats, winamp songs, etc...
and even the 4 buttons do work correct... take a look at the yt vid

another oilpain(t) destroid :D 
28.11.12, 11:33 - retro & C64
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well, i love destoying kitschy oilpaintings
this in my 5th.... (not really ready the invaders eyes are missing)
before I've damaged some alpine panaorama with lemmings, pacman and tetris, right now its

space invaders


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