Ja Wahnsinn, 
12.6.10, 12:25 - Dies und Das
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heute kommen die Onlinebestellungen im Minutentakt ;-) geilomat :-)

Ich habe eine neue Infoseite gebastelt die meinen Meistverkauften Artikel (Sternmoos) anpreist:

hmmm. ich denke ich werde mir sternmoos.de sichern :D
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another saturday... 
12.6.10, 10:04 - Dies und Das
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my weekend is near :-P exatly 6 hours of work left b4 i can start partying.
(well, not exactly "party"...)

things to be done @home
-lawn needs cutting
-carport needs to be worked on
-maybe those other three reasons want to go to the public pool...
-darling wants to be hugged ( <3 luv u sweetheart <3 )

and guess what: only 5h 30 minutes of work left now :-)
SCO's headshot 
11.6.10, 13:23 - Linux
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after 7 years of sueing the rest of the (linux-)world, Judge Ted Steward finally slayed SCO.
read the whole story here:
http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/ ... 20458.html
and here
http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?stor ... 0161411160

personal innnovators 
8.6.10, 15:16
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since my very first computer experiences, i rely on the advise of two friends: rehcil and hfcoma

all (really all) of my puchasings are suggested by them
my 1st C64 - rehcil
my amiga - rehcil
my 1st modem (9600 baud) - hfcoma
my 1st pc (486) - hfcoma
my 2nd pc (p1)- hfcoma
my 3rd pc (p4) was even paid by hfcoma :-D
my dbox and nslu rehcil
my palm pre - hfcoma ....

What I want to communicate with this is: you are innovator, early adopter or follower
i chose to follow these 2 guys, and i never went wrong. thank you

new look 
8.6.10, 10:46 - Dies und Das
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for the first time in a year ive spend my blog a new look. Back in november i chose to use facebook a little more, but as it grows and grows, the use of it gets less and less. even with a mozilla plugin called "facebookfilter" its not really usable anymore. so...


back to the roots .... me blogging again

there are plenty topics to write about. things that annoy me, things i really like.

what happened lately?

last evening i was so f* bored, i took a lil walk to the local gasstation, buying beer, chips and a mag called "c't".
well, this paper is really going down. the articles were writte in a horrible german, the topics were uninteresting or trivial. i remember this being the #1 magazine in germany for computers, spares, etc. but right now its worth poopaper.

does anybody know a better choice? the cellulose @ the papershops right now are crap.


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