personal innnovators 
8.6.10, 15:16
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since my very first computer experiences, i rely on the advise of two friends: rehcil and hfcoma

all (really all) of my puchasings are suggested by them
my 1st C64 - rehcil
my amiga - rehcil
my 1st modem (9600 baud) - hfcoma
my 1st pc (486) - hfcoma
my 2nd pc (p1)- hfcoma
my 3rd pc (p4) was even paid by hfcoma :-D
my dbox and nslu rehcil
my palm pre - hfcoma ....

What I want to communicate with this is: you are innovator, early adopter or follower
i chose to follow these 2 guys, and i never went wrong. thank you

new look 
8.6.10, 10:46 - Dies und Das
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for the first time in a year ive spend my blog a new look. Back in november i chose to use facebook a little more, but as it grows and grows, the use of it gets less and less. even with a mozilla plugin called "facebookfilter" its not really usable anymore. so...


back to the roots .... me blogging again

there are plenty topics to write about. things that annoy me, things i really like.

what happened lately?

last evening i was so f* bored, i took a lil walk to the local gasstation, buying beer, chips and a mag called "c't".
well, this paper is really going down. the articles were writte in a horrible german, the topics were uninteresting or trivial. i remember this being the #1 magazine in germany for computers, spares, etc. but right now its worth poopaper.

does anybody know a better choice? the cellulose @ the papershops right now are crap.


power consumption tipps for your webos palm pre 
27.5.10, 16:11 - Linux
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As you might have read in my prior posts i am the proud owner of a palm pre. i love this device: not only its linux os called "webOS" but also the userfriendly interface. its brilliant and i am very sure it will be beating up apfels shit very soon.

but it has (or had) 2 problems:
1. speed - well this is solved, read my last post :D
2. battery life

now. normally my phones akku lasts 14 hours till it starts whining. now both of my employees _also_ got a palm pre, as i was praising it all the time. now their akku lasts 2 days. bummer.

both do not use online connections, except wifi in my store when they really need it, so this must be a reason... I've googled a bit and found some tricks to double your uptime:

first use the telefones options to switch off 3g and only use 2g. thats enough, umts is slow anyway, and you can switch it back on if you need to, even more if you have wifi everywhere.
2. in your email options switch from push email to pull (every 30 minutes for example). ---reduced online traffic = longer battery life
3. switch off gps (as in 1: you can switch it back on with a wipe)
4. switch off instant messaging...

well give it a try or buy a bigger battery

overclocking my cellphone 
6.5.10, 17:16 - Linux
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after a long period of thinking about it i just did it:
i overclocked my linux powered cellphone.
since a week or so, a replacement kernel is available on "preware", the homebrew installer.

this kernal in kombination with a tool called govnah enables you to choose the speed of your cellphone with some predefined "govenors", such as ondemand, userspace or "performance"

its reallyreally impressive how fast the phone reacts after setting the speet to 800 mhz :D

here a pic:


just tried my gameboy emuklator: GBA works like a charm now _with_ sound. not a bit crunched \o/ just perfect .

21.4.10, 17:16 - Linux
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Nachdem mir ein guter Freund ein paar Brocken für einen etwas schnelleren PC vermacht hat, habe ich mich auf die Suche begeben nach einem OS um ihn in einen Media Center PC zu verwandeln.
NAtürlich Linux ;-)

zwei distributionen fielen in die engere Wahl: Linux.-mce und Mythbuntu

Ich habe mich für Mythbuntu entschieden, eine auf Ubuntu basierende Distro mit Myth TV

Gestern abend war es soweit, ein erster Test der komponenten hat gezeigt dass alles gut funktioniert. also nix wie druff dat linux!

Wie ich es von ubuntu gewohnt bin, ging die installation komplett automatisch und ohne eingreifen menerseits von statten. Am ende kam die Frage ob ich Fernbedienungen angeschlossen hätte, und welchen Ausgang meine grafikkarte benutzen, vga oder video. in meinem fall video, da es an einen alten fernseher gehängt wird.

und was soll ich sagen: alles funzt bestens. bluetooth tastatur erkannt, videoeingang erkannt, videoausgang korrekt konfiguriert, etc. heute abend schaue ich mal was ich damit alles anstellen kann
(gleich nachdem ich mich des lärms angenommen habe, das ding ist noch saulaut )

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