Battery powered Raspberry Pi in my Timelaps Box 
30.6.13, 18:20 - Linux
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Now I have build a "Timelaps Box" including a Raspberry Pi, a 20Ah USB Battery pack and (guess what...) a camera.

As posted earlier, I'm hot about making these cool looking timelaps films. And to do it right you need to place it outside... impossible w/o power supply and a chance to control it.

david singleton used a little lcd screen and some buttons to control the little beast. I am not that blessed with programming skills, so I had to do it the dirty way.

The first problem was solved by using one of these fancy usb battery packs advertised on ebay... cheap and powerful.

The problem with the controlling is a bit "cheaper". I bought a "Video Input" for my gameboy advance...
in addition to a little keyboard I am now able to set the camera up in the wild and shoot sunrises, etc

other possible usages:
a phototrap for example

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