attempts to hack WordPress 
28.4.15, 17:04 - Linux
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Guess What....
I haven't run any statistic programm on my blog since moving to my own servers.
Today I downloaded all log files and analyzed them with webalizer, a neat, free tool.

Nothing really new, my blog has a boatloat of hits, interestingly one of the first ever postet pics is the most watched.

These robots trying to hack Wordpress are really really active! Example?
Top 20 von 66 Total Errors 
# Anfragen Status Method URL
1 133 0.32% 404 GET /blog/wp-login.php

The list of possible WordpressHackingAttempts is long.

A short little advice to all of you out there using WP: search for something that is not so terribly common. Sooner or later your blog will be hax0rd

Just an advice


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