Two (!) rediscovered programming languages for the KIM-1

This week has been very exciting for the KIM-1 scene, again.

First WADUZITDO, "a language in 256 words or less".
From Dimitris GIT:

WADUZITDO is a high level interpreted language that fits in under 256 bytes of memory on a 6502 based system. The language was conceived by Larry Kheriaty to demonstrate 'what a computer can do in a manner simple enough for almost anyone to understand'

It is indeed simple, the syntax consists of 5 commands only, but even a (very basic) editor is included. Simply amazing, but wait for this:

Reading the BYTE article from Dmitri's post about WADUZITDO, I noticed it mentioned PILOT. I kind of remembered that language being available for the C64, and went on an internet hunt. I found a version written specifically for SYM-1 (close enough!), scanned the source code, typed it up, and I present to you Tiny PILOT, in all its 1979 glory!

enter image description here

PILOT - Programmed Inquiry, Learning, or Teaching (PILOT) is a simple high-level programming language developed in the 1960s. Like its younger sibling LOGO, it was an early foray into the technology of computer-assisted instruction.
( read wikipedia: )

And Dave ported the found sources to the KIM-1. Here's the link:
Interesting fact: Bob Applegate (the Bob Applegate from Corsham Tech.) supplied some fixes and additions in 1980 to the interpreter. He told Hans

Yes that was me! Being paid for that article allowed me to convince my mother, a very traditional person, that I could make a living writing software and that I should drop out of high school at the end of 11th grade to attend college early.

What a great story behind.

Here is what a little program looks like:

T:BLACK MATCH by Bob Applegate
T:What is your name
T:Hello, $?. You and the computer take turns by removing
T:1, 2, or 3 matches from the pile of 21.  Whoever takes
T:the last match loses. Good luck!
T:Enter your move
T:My move is $D
T:The new total is $A
T:Your next move must be 1, $?, so I win!
T:Do you want to try again?
T:Don't feel bad, $?: this program can only win.