Tunesmith for the KIM-1

Liu, the creator of the KIM-clone kit PAL-1, announced a "gadget set" for the RIOTs expansion port. Included will be a LED matrix board as well as a IO Board with switches, leds and speaker.

The speaker is identical to the "First Book of KIM page 57 speaker" which is a quasi standard for sound putput on the KIM-1.

But what to do with this speaker? A lot of games included soundeffects (see MatchThis), But there also was a kind of piano and the larger program


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KIM - The Tunesmith - click on the link for the original article

Anthony T. Scarpelli
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I found it in micro 13, june 1975 , typed it in and compiled it. Right now it has not been checked for typos, so do not expect to run. It's still a work in progress. But if you like, you can help me and look it up.

**update 13.02.2021 **

The Gadget and prototyping boards arrived, are soldered and tested. Tunesmith for the KIM-1 is working 🎉🥳


Load both papertape file and start the progam at location $0200

Type in the notes with the corresponding letters A - F on the keypad; 9 stands for note G. After the note you can set the upper octave with '7' and halfnotes ('sharp notes') with '5' The length can be set with 1,2,4,8 as a full, hasf, quater or eighth note.
To save a note press '3'
The song will continue to play from the first note on.

If you have listened to your song, you can write it down by pressing '+'on the keypad and shuffle through the notes with '3' on the keypad. The song will be shown on the lc display note by note. on the LCD:


digit meaning
1 octave
2 note
3 sharp or not
4 length

If you want to go on composing the coldstart is at location $021C
To just listen to the tune start at $0300


Here's a short video