TTY Rapid Load

enter image description here This short program was found in the KIM User Notes 7/8. It is the simpliest HEX loader I could find. Just type in the location and the pure HEX (not intelHEX).

(c) 1977 Markus P. Goenner

Load the Papertape and start at $0000.

get the papertape, source and original article, here

Update: I've written a letter to M.P. Gönner and he indeed answered. He finished his apprenticeship as a radio electrician 1969 and ordered the revolutionary KIM-1 direct from the US. It was a complete virgin land. He used this program to load his TinyBasic Interpreter from papertape (I suppose it wasn't saved as a MOS papertape, which could have been loaded with 'L')
Update 2 Bruce Nazarian, rockmusician, KIM-1 enthusiast and later known as ‚The digital guy‘ , extended Markus programm with a mem dump functionality. Found in a compute 2 ussue from 1980. here we go: