The Wordle Hype hits the KIM-1

Wordle ...
wow, yes it is a fun to play word guessing game.
It has been seen first on the C64 back in 1997 as 5X5. So Josh Wardle is not the inventor, as long as his C= scene name is DIDI...
Lately it was a little website, that hyped throughout the socialmedia platforms and went off like a rocket. Now it was acquired by the NYT for $$$

A lot of clones for the funniest plattforms appeared (C64 rerelease, win3, palmOS and a lot more) and so it did in a slightly modified version for the KIM-1.
The Blog 'Old Vintage Computing research' wrote an article about the newly developed game KIMDLE by our friend Cameron Kaiser, an 8-bit All-Star.

enter image description here

It's funny to see how the KIM-1 community is gaining attention and how it is growing day by day.

After some initial hickups on the real thing a fully working game is available here:
Compiled papertape:

How to play?

As in the original you have to guess a five letter word. BUT: the KIM's display only can spit out ABCDEF015 (the last because they look like OIS). So the word to guess can be something like "BASIC".
Correct letters stay lid, all others turn to (8). If you can solve the riddle in 7 turns you see "Aced" on the display.

Update: I have onefiled the papertapes:

Have Fun! Stay childish