The internet is lost


enter image description here Since the internet was made "easy accassable" for everybody and since only 4 big tech companies control this whole network it is finally lost. It transformed from a tool of communication to a tool to create revenue.

Every possible dystopia is now truth: Google, Meta, Amazon and Musk control the nonPorn part of the net, dictating us what we see, hear and read. It's influencing how we think, react and vote.

Do you remember the 'old' Internet 1.0? With simple self build websites, newsgroups and IRC? It was when the net belong to the users. Sometimes anarchistic, mostly amateurish, with funny spaces. But it gave a boost on how you could communicate around the globe. Olia Lialina named it digital folklore

When the capital sniffed it's chance everything started going down. The need to turn the invested money into more and more profit switched off all moral inhibition. Squeeze out as most money as you can out of the system, even if it means to cooperate with the maddest villain.

unscrupulous, unprincipled, irresponsible

The ancient network itself is still there, but unused. End users just want to consume, like mindless junkies. And yes, even I liked twitter when it appeared. I joined facebook and was amazed, how many people you could find there, and for sure I loved youtube, when it was a platform to share videos.

But look at this pile of shit it is now. facebook is trying to control your mind, twitter wants you to read paid contend only and youtube spams everyone with a gap between the ads of 4 minutes. Ridiculous in every way.

The internet lost it's innocence, started taking drugs, and is now looking like a fucked up meth mugshot of a former beauty.

The sad part of the story is that we can not transform it back. I sound like a bitter old man, but there are too many users with no clue, what the internet was build for.
Thats it.
I try to keep my old fashioned blog as the last resort of sanity. Noone can tell you to read it or believe it. And noone can force me to write something other than my opinion.

Thanks Elon, Jeff, Mark, Sergey and Larry,
You fucked it up.