The famous Super Star Trek TTY game

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The first computer games in the early 70s were entirely text based, like Adventure, Zork or, todays headline Star Trek.

"Super Star Trek" was the extended version of this Battleship like game. You have to hunt Klingons through the known galaxy, these bastards are moving, you need to refill your missles and repair your ship at starbases.

It was written in 1974 by my friend Bob 'RCL' Leedom. Readers of my blog already know him as the author of many other games for the KIM-1. Super Star Trek was written in BASIC and very easy to port to all kinds of computers with just enough RAM and a BASIC interpreter.

You can read the whole history here:

It was published in a Book called "BASIC COMPUTER GAMES" by Dave Ahl - a million seller. And with all it's extensions compared to the original Star Trek game it became popular wihin the small computer scene around the world.

It was ported to C64, DOS, WINDOWS 98 (with additional graphics), as 3D game for Linux and so on.

You can still play the original Super Star Trek under Win11 if you just install Vintage Basic

And ......
since some time it is available as a mobile Game ported to the Smart response
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And it all started 50 Years ago,

Thank you RCL,