The "burning a ROM for the PAL-1" quest

In my last two blog entries I reported about the possibility to connect a 1541 to your KIM-1 / PAL-1 single board computer. To load and save you have to use Commodore history society's little loading and saving routines (modded C64 kernel routines).

This works really well, but it makes no sense to load a software to load software. So I decided to make a litte ROM chip containing these routines. The first part is to transfer the loading addesses of the routines from the original $2000 to the area in memory, where my ROM board is mapped ($A000). I took Dave's sources and just set another starting address and compile it again. check.

The next part was to transfer this binary to an eprom. I dug out my old eprommer and tried it several times, but it seem it is complete disfunctional by the time. neither reading nor writing did work. BUT(!) I still have the old programming device for my C64 🎉🎉🎉 . End of the story: all 27256 eproms were already written, and the DELA II is not able to use 27512 without modding. And I have plenty of 27512 (64K), but only a fistful of 27256 (32K).

Long story short: I ended up buying a more modern USB Eprommer from amazon, the 'TI866 II plus'. If you put aside the fact, that the complete "description" (a sticker in the package) is in chinese (only the webpage was in latin letter... a good point to start), it is a really good choice for a few bucks. It writes and loads thousands of eprom and if you want you can buy adapters for other eprom formfactors or flash chips. It also updates the device on the first plugin, with one click.

enter image description here

Burning the ROM was straight forward. Choose the EPROM from the list, load the binary, burn it. done. The ROM board also needed a little modification to accept the 27512, soldering a new jumper as described in the manual. This has a second positive effect, I can now also use EEPROMS 28C256.

So thank you LIU for suggesting this prommer and describing the details of how to mod the ROMboard.

here are the 'moved' 1541 routine files:

Have fun, stay chilish Webdoktor