Terminal ESC Codes for KIM-1 Basic

Terminal codes make the world more colorful. That was the fact back then in the glorious BBS days.

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Amazing art was created with just what your standart ANSI Terminal was offering you.

My best computer right now, the KIM-1 clone PAL-1 is connected via the serial line to this hexacore loser PC, working as a slave for the 1 MHz machine. Tera Term, the state of the art terminal program understands ESC commands, a sequence of charaters beginning with ASCII 27 (ESC) and '[' to manipulate things like color, lines, and moch much more.

You can use this in KIM-1's microsoft BASIC to give your games a bit of color, or even make action games with manipulating the cursors position.

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Here is a short library thatshows you how to use it kb9_ESC_LIB
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