Target-6 for the KIM-1


t-6 Another little fun shooter for the unexpanded KIM-1 has been dugged out of the archives of the internet. This game is quiet similar to the other shooter called Tartet-1 ( ) , for a good reason: "After Target-1 war running, I thought how about using all 6 digits of the KIM-1 display..."

get it here:

Fer Weber
Gebr. Wienerstr. 139
5913 XS Venlo

published in KimKenner 8
on 18.06.1979


Load both papertapes and Start at location $0200
Now choose Game A or B

Game A wins if all stripes have been shot away,
Game B wins if all stripes are lid.

If you fire with Key 3 you shoot at Digit 4

     |1|2|3|4| |5|6|