Strange Days

This whole year is somehow f*ed up.

Beside my marriage is busted since 3 years, my parents are slowly dying, and my house is leaking, this year has some special vulgarities.

As some of you might know, I run a gardening shop in the inner city of Frankfurt. We have a construction site in our street since one year, loud and not very inviting for possible customers.

Additionally it's raining from like mid march on, temperatures are never above 20°C - not the best weather for my mood

In march I got a letter from my landlord, telling me that the whole building needs energy-saving measures, starting in may. I need to remove all my goods in the backyard, the greenhouse and the AC, my neon sign and so on.
I stopped ordering goods, and celaned up, and got a letter it will be delayed 1,5 month. Hm.... I wouldn't have stop my purchasing in the main season then and lay off 2(!) of my workers (which are normally also friends)

This week a good friend from my youth died of cancer, my brothers beloved dog suddenly died.

I do normally do not tend to depressive feelings, but this is a bit too much now. I'm devastated. Ain't this never getting any better? Since the start of this f*cking pandemic everything is going down, or at least it feels like.