Status Update

From time to time I'll try to give a little personal status update.

The elections

Germany voted. yay. nothing to see. I do not expect any change for good in the near future. We have massive infrastructure problems:

  1. Internet
  2. Urbanisation
  3. Education system
  4. Energy

None of the voted parties have a clue where to change things. I could easily start a 4 hour monologue on what and where things are completely running out of bounds and I actually do have an idea what to do against it. My vote for "Die PARTEI" was well thought. Martin is a clever guy, who seems willing to nail down problems. Sadly only 1% of the germans voted for him. We need a massive change and he has the will to change things, even if it hurts.


My little gardening shop was overrun in the covid times. Now it's being reversed. I really hoped that all the people, that discovered their balcony or garden would go on and keep that hobby. well, nop :( So I'm sitting here, waiting for customers, creating new ideas how to get money 😁


Sleep, work, try to be a husband (now very successful), care about my parents (luckily not alone, my beloved brother is a real fighter). Mom and dad are "nearing the capital T" as Professor Haliassos would have said. Or as Keynes used to say:

In the long run we are all dead.

C'est la vie

Last but not least: I'm trying to lose weight again. My Corona Belly was everything but healthy. So my plan is no Alcohol and less food. Till now I lost 4 kg.

Bis denne Antenne


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