Simon says / Senso for KIM-1

'MatchThis' for KIM-1

by Gino F. Silvestri
Engeneering Division
Loral Electronic Systems
999 Central Park Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10704

A Simon says game for the KIM-1 Get the source and tapefileshere


Try to memorize KIM's random tone/light Pattern - Bonus Points (Lifes) are given for reaching Milestones. An interactive game for a 'naked' KIM-1

This game supports a speaker / amp connection to the KIMs application connector as shown on page 57 in the KIm-1 User's Manual.

The game initializes the Zeropage locations by itself. Start at $0200 occupies memory to $036D

When GO is pressed a random chosen number [0..3] will appear on the display. A tone related to this number is being played. When the number disappears the KIM awaits your response. If you hit the same key, the number / tone will be generated. The right digit will increment.

and so on.... read the manual ;)