rescue of old disks and how it ended

Everybody knows how things can develop:
You want to mow the lawn, but the mower is out of gas. So you go to the gas station and find out one of your blinkers is not working, so you go to the mall to buy a lamp first. In the end you sit by a lake with your new boat...

You might have heard I revived Coma's old BBS.
It started (!) with the discovery of an old set of backup disks. The realy floppy ones. 5 1/4 '' - I own a boatload of old computers, but none of them ever had such a device.

The BBS was revived (new without the disks saved, just from what a in my mind...) and Coma promised to look on the roof for the old drive. He found it, and only needed 4 month to bring it to me 😂.
Sad: it was dead like a Dodo.

Now Örg enters the game: Örg is a really nice guy I met 20 years ago on the Maybe too young for having used this old C64 computers back in the good old times, but fire and flame for old tech stuff. We always kept in touch, played a lot of TMNF together, but well, life went on.

And I always watched his great repair videos on YT.
He became a real hardware pro. And so I called him because of the bad drive. He showed up immediately and gave me a replacement drive, that worked right from the start.The results are the old Message base from 1994 and the ‚Artwork‘ which will be uploaded to the bbs asap.
AND: Örg repaired the old drive. And this is the best part of the story. It is simply amazing what you can repair, if you have enough skills and brain. Look at this:

enter image description here Congrats Örg! You‘re a wizard

But back to the start: The complete Backup is readable. The filebase, the usersdatabase, the msg board. I will insert it in the next days in the running BBS and you can visit it at telnet:// enter image description here enter image description here

Update I've inserted the logon and logoff screen on the BBS, you might want to check it out...

So long stay childish