reactivating my old Pentium-I

Covid made me stay at home for 11 days. The first two days were annoying, but thereafter it was just boring.
So I decided to reactivate my old Pentium-1 PC. This one was bought around 1996 and it was used until my son Paul was born in 2001.

It was sitting in a corner in my cave and wasn't used until now. I already had this in mind and asked my friend oerg886 how to possibly fix it. The CMOS Battery was sour. And as this b:tch is an integrated RTC / battery thing - I had to completely open up the PC, unscrew everything, get the board out and 'fix' the battery in an unusual way:

Drill some holes and add an external battery ....
here is my result:
enter image description here
After my old working horse and all the PCI /ISA cards were mounted again, the next thing seemed to fail: This board can hold 4 SIMMs (2 pairs) and 1 DIMM RAM bar. and the 64 MB dimm wasn't recognized anymore. As I do not have any other that old RAM, I ordered a pair of SIMM's as I knew that these slots were working.

Now I have: A Pentium-1 100 mHz, 82 MB RAM, OS Windows 98
a SCSI Card with a 5 GB IBM Hard drive, a CD drive and a CD-R drive,
It is equipped with USB and Ethernet cards, and a (not so brilliant) cheap graphic card.
For Sound there is an ISA Orchid Soundwave32 card attached. It also didn't work at first, bit a bit wiggle and wobble and some new drivers made it work again.
FYI: I have Windows drivers for this thing, even not available on vogons... (they were sitting on the harddrive, I have no idea where they are from, but I think I found them in the AOL download area looooong ago)

This old lady is now in best shape for the next 27 years.