Phonebook2 for the KIM-1

Phonebook 2.0 for KIM-1

original title: "Datensuche"
by Herwig Feichtinger
(c) 1981 in Anwendungsbeispiele
für den Mikroprozessor 6502 enter image description here

Source, HEX & Papertape here:

Advanced Version of


Prepare a first Data Entry
at $0201 by Hand!
0201 0D
0202 3E
0203 00

The Program saves the Data on tape, so this needs to be initialized once.

Start the program at $0000
After the start you are in search mode.

SEARCH: Enter a keyword and whole matching Lines of text will be presented.

SWITCH to entry mode by pressing ESC After you added or changed an entry you

CHANGE a line: Switch to data entry mode (ESC) and enter an identifying text to change, press 'Enter' and insert a new Data Entry.

An * indicates, that the Line was deleted

ADD an entry: Switch to data entry mode (ESC) and type '>' and 'enter'. Then add a new line. Background: the last Byte of your Data File is a '>'. It will be deleted, an Entry added and a '>' will be added again to indicate the new end of the File.

To get back to SEARCH mode hit ESC again

LOAD a File with ~P where P is a indicator for your File, as you can save more than one files on one tape.

SAVE a File with ^P