Pascal for the KIM-1


The Dino under the modern Programming languages, found it's way to the 6502 processor family in 77/78.

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It was a compiler that worked with the MicroADE Text editor. Hans describes using it on his homepage

In 1978 I received from the KIM Club in the Netherlands a version of this Pascal-M system, consisting of a KIM-1 tape with the compiler and interpreter and Micro Ade, listings of the compiler (in Pascal), preliminary M-code description, the interpreter (in 6502 assembler) and the Micro Ade patches. It was never made into a product for the KIM club, it was a nightmare to use. From entering text to running a program, all from audio cassette files, it took around an hour.

Decades later, with the Lazarus IDE and a lot of life in between:

And now in 2021 a Lazarus shell around the steps required to produce a working program was programmed. The 6502 interpreter was finally assembled from source again. Pressing a couple of buttons is now all it takes to produce a program running on the KIM-1 (and as console on the PC).

What Hans Otten came up with, two days ago, is a complete cross compiler for Pascal- M on the KIM-1 ... in 2021!

Belive it or not: ONE (!) Day after he presented a KIM Emulator for the PC, with a debugger

If you are interested in the recent KIM-1 developments, grab the Compiler and the Emulator on Hans Site. Both are still in beta state, your feedback is appreciated