Nukewar for the KIM-1

It was quiet here on my chanel for the last month or so. private issues, a flu, and this f* Disney game "Dreamlight Valley" kept me from being productive :D BUT now ... tush ...enter image description here

Dave did it again. There is a new game available for our beloved KIM-1. It's Nukewar, a strategic war game written in BASIC. Dave converted it to KIM BASIC (kb9) and released this gem just yesterday. It is rather complex for a BASIC game and you really need to RTFM.

Relive the anxiety of your youth with this Cold War simulation! From Microcomputer Games (the PC division of the famous Avalon Hill Game Co.), this 1980 gem was named the #135th Best Game of All Time by Computer Gaming World in 1996.

get your copy here:

(He fixes kb9's "return on input" error with a poke at the beginning. If you run another version than the standard one, you have to adapt line 9)

enter image description here

Now it's time to ruin the world in this game (there should be no winner in a nuclear war).

Have fun!