(much) More RAM for the PAL-1

My Kim-1 Clone PAL-1 is equipped with a 32 kb RAM expansion as well as an ROM Board for loading some programs faster than from Tape.

Back when the PAL-1 was released, there was no RAM card available. So I cheated and ordered one from the Micro-KIM, another KIM-1 clone. It semi fitted, as well as all the other microkim parts do not fit exactly. Later I odered the new PAL-1 Memory called 'RAM Board' to have a working setup with all expansion cards availavble on the motherboard.

TL;DR I have 2 RAM cards.

Last week the idea came to why not, when you need more RAM than 32k, replace the ROM Card with the 2nd RAM Card and make it appear in the upper Memory maps. Hans and Liu immediately figured out how to rewire the Memory expansion to have additional 16K memory available from A000 to DFFF. enter image description here

A first test was running MS Basic V 1 (nickname 'kb9'). But that much RAM is simply too much for this program. The internal memory test of Basic failed badly.
But you can set a Memory limit for this programm manually: enter image description here

When Bill refers to a '8K' System he thinks of 8K as the highest available memory location (1FFF). This seems to be a failure of the manual, as kb9 needs at least 16 kb RAM above $2000, making it a '24K system'. With my 48 kb mem expansions this makes my setup a '56K system' or in decimal 56 x 1024 = 57344. This is the number to enter, when asked 'MEMORY SIZE?'

Liu states:

It feels vintage of the MEMORY SIZE? input that needs humans to calculate the real memory ;)

True vintage feeling, yes.

Happy 6502 hacking, webdoktor