Meet TIM, KIM-1's younger sibling

When MOS technologies released the 6502 chip they needed a reference board to show the abilities. This was the KIM-1 and it was a millionseller rightaway.
BUT did you know there was a younger sibling called TIM?
TIM was not available as computer, but as a kit containing the 6502 processor and the 6530-004 RRIOT chip which contained a different operating system than the KIM-1.

The developer of the TIM system was Raymond M. Holt. As part of his payment he was allowed to sell TIM based kits called JOLT, starting in December 1975, four months before the KIM-1, which cost $249 exaclty like the KIM-1 later and competed directly with it. A side story is that the JOLT formed the basis for the ATARI 2600 prototype.

There were some ROM dumps left and available on Hans Ottens site, and there was also a project to rebuilt the TIM. But as of today you can use


The usage is not a single bit like the KIM-1, but with the manuals on Hans site you can get things running.

JOLT Picture from Hans'site!

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