KIM-1 releases on Floppy disk

Until last week the only chance of getting a program to the KIM-1 computer was either tape or inserting a "papertape" file on the serial connection. Dave McMurtrie luckily gifted us the IEC routines, so that you can load and save KIM-1 files on a 5 1/4'' Floppy disk. I've been burnung an eprom with the routines, so that I can immediately after the system startup load files from disk.

So here it is, the 1st release of a KIM-1 FLoppy:

enter image description here

This disk has been released for the KIM-1's IEC 1541 Disk routines by Dave McMurtrie. The filenames have be $01-$FE. Place the filename to location $17F9 and execute the loading routine.
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Content of the disk:
01: The IEC routines from $2000 on: 2000 is load 2148 is save
02: Simon says - a little game starting at $0200
03: MS Basic - Cold start at $4067 (with CLD)
04: Apple-1 Basic - start at $8000
05: Ledip - a text editor starting at $2000
( see

ALWAYS set $00F1 to 00 before loading or saving
Name the program you want to load at $17F9.
Enter the loading routine (either $2000 or $A000 depending on your build - 2000ish prgs wont load with the 2000ish routines btw....)