KIM-1 Link List

This is a linklist, or a personal reminder for myself to collect KIM-programs, books, links and so on...

KIM-1 Resources

The #1 resource is and will always be Hans Otten's site:

Short KIM Reference:

Micro Magazine Micro Magazine List
Best of micro:
Best of Micro #2

Tiny Basic Anleitung

MS Basic source: and the Pagetable Blog entry

De KIM Kenner und "De 6502 Kenner"

First Book of KIM
and some Games from this book:

Erik Bartmanns KIM Seite

A MOS Technology 6510 Cross-Assembler and Disassembler: win2c64/lin2c64/mac2c64 mit Paper output ...

Rich Cini's scanned magazines (Kim Notes, Micro and many more

KIM-1 Clones:

Micro Kim Forum:

Hans Otten's Micro-KIM Resources ... micro-kim/

The very similar PAL-1:

Tipps & Progs for the PAL-1:

The Corsham Kim Clone: (Forum: )

And my own humble collection with all programs / books / mags / manuals I could find on

Kim Coffee