Kaveen's KIM-1 Adventure Game engine en detail

Kaveen's Adventure Game for the KIM-1 has been a topic in one of my last posts: https://netzherpes.de/post/adventure-game-engine-for-the-kim-1

Now I did my turn and wrote a little story for the text adventure engine.
In the repo of the Game you see a example story and how the *.YML is filled with content.

In the sources of 'Abirahasa you can find what this rudimentry Engine is capable of:

; Functionality Of Game Engine
; Scene
;   - Has Text Content
;   - Can Go Four Directions
;   - Single Item Pickup

; Game State            Supported Verbs
;   - Scene Pointer         - GO
;   - Pickups               - TAKE
;                           - USE

The finished story is being translated into assembler and compiled by a python script.
Use Linux. PHP uder windows is a pita!
YAML (yet another markup language) is a bit picky. Never use tabs, only spaces to structure your code. I had to learn it the hard way ;) --- you can translate the tabs into spaces with expand -t 4 infile.yml >outfile.yml

Every "scene" you build in gets an entry like this:

    text: |
        You come to a little river. It is too dark to see how deep the river is. A half 
        sunken boat is tied to a post.
    pickup: bones
    north: path
        to: riverside
        require: corks
        text: |
            The boat has a hole. You need to stuff it somehow

Rules: A room announced in the directions must exist.
Every room needs a text.
Well, the rest is self explaining... the directions to go to from the room can be north, south, ease and west.
Items are placed with "pickup:"

enter image description here

You should give it a try!

Have Fun!

P.S. If you want to play my humble story look here