Childhood memories

Do you remember the first LCD handheld games, where you had to juggle or extinguish a fire with only a left and right button?

There was one Game and Watch Handheld that was far more advance called "Super Mario Bros" It was (for me as a kid) totally unaffordable (100 Deutschmarks) and on the schoolyard I had to beg to play one of the richer kids LCD game.

Later there was a supersmall clone (a keychain), I bought like 10 years later. When the new "super mario bros aniverery edition came out 4 years ago I was really disappointed, that the original game and watch was not included, but a silly jiggle game and the NES version of Super Mario.

But I've learned recently that MAME, the multi arcade machine emulator supports theese old games. You can find them on, and just need to pick the correct mame version.

It's working like a charm, along all those other Game and Watch games.

enter image description here

And as always: stay childish!