bulk trash & follow-up investments

Two weeks ago a friend of mine found an working ATARI ST 1040 with monitor in a trash basement he had to clean up. His first thought "Webdoctor is collecting trash" wasn't that wrong and so I am now the owner of a trashworthy ATARI ST..


Even though I have a bigger ST at home, I am not able to transfer programs to the old computer, as none of my internet enabled PC has a diskdrive anymore. bummer enter image description here A short internet search tought me that a device called 'Greaseweazle' will do the job (old diskdrives are not the problem). This little USB device lets your modern computer connect to the Disk drive. PC disktypes 1.44 mb 3 1/2'' as well as 5 1/4'' drives and even 8'' should be possible. Atari Disks, Amiga Disks, C64 Disks (if you own a 360kb 5 1/4'' drive - I never found a working one back whwen I used to have a Catweazle from icomp) and many more are possible.

So here we go, playing Ballerburg on the ST, and additionally a little extra has been dug out of my drawer:
WordPerfect 5.1 from 1989 (German version) is fully recovered. To install in Dosbox, you need a licence key, which I can send you if you want.

enter image description here

HERE are the DISKS: WordPerfect_5.1_730kb_discs