Banner maker for the KIM-1

As you might have noticed, I am digging through a pile of old retro magazines in the search for old KIM-1 software. A lot has been dug out, games, applications, mostly really old, unusable and normally not worth mentioning, if it would not be software for the KIM-1, the first affordable homecomputer, ever (pre apple, pre ibm, pre atari, pre ti, etc).

So in the end it's a preservation project. And I found another piece of software worth typing in:

KIM-1 Banner

enter image description here by Jim Zuber, 1979
found in Kim User Notes #18

What does it do? It prints large letters to the serial console (wooooohoooo).

Get it here:


Load both parts (program and data).
Start the program at location $2000.

Type in the text you want bannered in UPPER CASE.
supported letters are:

(return is treated as space.)

End your Entry with an @
hit enter and watch the show

You can easily design your own letters. Onle letter is encoded as follow:

(ascii code)(length of data)(data) whereas $EE equals carriage return, print spaces is defined by a Hex value resulting from bit 7 being 0 and bits 1-6 the number of spaces, print "@"s a HEX Value resulting from bit 7 being 1 and bits 1-6 setting the number of marks.

Example: +
a plus

2B 1C EE 0F 85 EE 0F 85 EE 0F 85 EE 05 99 EE 05 99 EE 05 99 EE 0F 85 EE 0F 85 EE 0F 85 EE 

$2B: ascii for +
$1C: length of the data 28 Bytes
$EE: initial new line
$0F: 15 spaces
$85: 5 marks
$EE: next line
.... and so on

After your very last entry of your last letter end with $FF

Have fun, If you do not own a KIM-1 or a clone like the PAL-1 you can also try it in Hans Otten's excellent KIM-1 simulator!