another ROM for the PAL-1 Romboard

Dave Hassler compiled a bunch of debugging tools that run on an unexpanded 5kb PAL-1 with the sweet name


enter image description here

the Woz/Baum 6502 disassembler ported for KIM, a memory dumper with hex and ASCII output, a memory fill program, a 'facelift' for Lew Edwards' MOVIT program, a modified search program, plus a little register display program. Also, "eWOZ Monitor Lite".

You can load this batch of files as one papertape file from Dave's Github page'%20BUG

As I do have a overexpanded PAL-1, I ported all programs to the ROM Area above $A000 to burn it on an Eprom. So we have another binary ROM file for Liu's ROM Card downloadable here