A new old game for the KIM-1 "Target-1"

Another week, another (little) software discovery:



A little shooting game for the KIM-1

June 18th, 1979
(C) Fer Weber
Gbr. Wiener Str. 139
5913 XL Venlo

This little game uses the horizantal lines of the KIM-display as moving targets. Starting on the top row, a line moves from left to right. Button '3' is the Firebutton. Shoot to digit 4 on the display. If you hit, the target stripe is gone, if you miss its moving towards you. You can miss maximal 3 stripes.

The zero pages are initialized from the program itself (very comfy).
Download here: https://github.com/netzherpes/Target1-for-KIM-1 , Start at $0200

Have Fun! webdoctor