6502 news

6502 News from the online sources:

Zoggins, who produces a lot of KIM, AIM and SYM acessories produces a PAL-1 Motherboard, that lets you attatch all KIM extensions also!
His multo IO cart for example. In the post above you'll see an SD2IEC connected to his multi IO Card connected to the PAL-1 motherboard connected to the PAL-1 running xKIM and the Kim1541 routines. 👍👍👍

Hans Otten pointed out some new APPLE-I replik:
Hein is offering theese Apple I clones for just 44€. YYou might also want to use his Motherboard for further extensions!


Liu is working hard on his PAL-2. ( I can't wait to have it at home beside my PAL-1 As I have too much extensions anyway, that do not fit anymore in the motherboard)

More later, CU Webdoc