The Goldprice, Bitcoins And The Fear Of Inflation 
16.4.13, 15:00 - Dies und Das
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3 Weeks ago I had to laugh hard in the rooms of my home bank "Frankfurter Sparkasse". (click the link to laugh with me) Very new posters were setted up stating "Invest in Gold now".

Well I have never been a friend of gold as exchangecurrency, because of multiple reasons:
1. You can not use it except for electronics or beauty.
2. The price you will be given in case of an outsale is the one somebody is willing to give. Like concrete, just you can not live in gold.
3. Everybody was already talking about a gold bubble.

So, me as an semi expert in a bank full of greedy bankers, trying to rip off greedy customers, but so obviously dumb... I just had to really lough (seriously! I started laughing in the entrance hall). What an epic fail... Not the first time I do not understad how a bank, trying to be trustful is acting opposite.

And, plop, 2 weeks later the goldprice is falling to a moderate level. And I have no mercy for those trying to be smart, buying the goldshit.

The Euro is loosing trust, mostly because of the ECB and it's way to save the currency. Printing money (=lowering the interest rate to a near zero level) and the declaration to buy euro zone government bonds without boundaries if needed is a strange way to keep the fire burning.
I really do understand peoples fear of Inflation and the need to change your money into something trustful.

Why not trade your money to bitcoins? The global ammount of money cannot be modified (except by mining), The community is taking care that nothing happens to your money, it cannot be stolen for example.
The first reason not to do so is: you are not big enough. If a really big form like "GS" is buying bitcoins, the exchangerate will boost up, and if they decide to blow it away it will fall very deep within one day. Bitcoins are a virtual good traded on a market, and if you re read the reasons for not jumping in the gold pool, the same reasons exist here: you will only get what someone else is willing to pay.
And now all the scientific consensus can be called: ... ns-future/

It's hard to believe, but I still think it is a good idea to keep BC's in mind, at lest from a certain point in the future where the exrate is more stabil. First of all it is a currency the government and the banks have no influence on, which means that you can use it worldwide without a bankaccount. no transfer fees, no impolite questions about the origin and the usage.

In my twitter correspondence we were discussing the legitimation of Bitcoin, but which legitimation does the Euro have? Did we have the chance to vote about it? Would be nice if so... (thanks for that point Ingmar) The ECB must take it's primary goal serious, and also should never ever back away from the gonvernments. If they are able to prove this in the near future, the eurozone is able to get it's old strength.

One last word:
Inflation is just theft from the poor and it will never matter in the long run.

I blame the Government! 
21.3.13, 11:48 - Dies und Das
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Why don't they do anything against this brutal injustice?
un be liev a ble

Its officially springtime since yesterday and we stil have to suffer this temperatures. And from what I heard it's getting even worse!

I spur the government into action! Mrs. Merkel, do something:

Spring, NOW!

Frühling, JETZT!

stop reading news too frequently 
11.3.13, 18:05 - Dies und Das
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... and you will notice to not being lied to so often.
yes, i knew better 
1.3.13, 10:31 - Dies und Das
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I left facebook quiet some time ago, because i felt abused. too much spam and a lot of obviosly wanted security issues.
so i moved on to g+, an identical service, but, as i felt, more intelligent and user centered.

Now lets get it to a more 3rd person view:
the userexperience (UX) is a kind of feeling. i felt abused by facebook and i felt better at google. feelings for an internet service. wierd, isn't it?

Why is it that we have feelings for programs, games, cellphones, operating systems, computers, social networks?
my first guess is that we share our feelings with the programs. We feel happy when we reach a certain point in a RPG, when linux is operating the first time in our life and we feel its uniquness (1994). Our brain combines feelings we have with the programs we use and stores them. (other examples in my life:
the first time i've seen the blue C64 screen when i was 10, the first usable selfwritten programm, etc,) every time i use my c64, i feel like i am 10 again...
This is known for some time now, longer than the existance of any facehooker. i really need to read some books on this topic ( )

With social media we step a littler further. We share our life and build up the network we use. we let it grow with our life. so our brain and the saved feelings are being extended to the internet. And I really think this is why so many people are addicted by facebook, twitter, WoW, etc. All the photos, posts, videos are a mirror of our feelings.

Why do I bother?
hehe, simple ... my feelings got hurt by google :'( oooohhhhhhh. no honestly: google also fucks me up.
Google is not the nice guy you might see. google is very ruthless in reaching it goals. the "always act good" thing will not work for company which is traded on the stock exchange market. lately google produces 'interesting articles' in g+ concerning the german copyright law (leisungsschutzrecht #lsr --- go google :D ). and as you expect only with their opinion, and very frequently. sad. google abuses its service. here is an example. misuse of, recall above - "my brain".

I#m sick of being a traded good of facebook, and i am really not willing to be a googlejunge, waving the flag for a monster

in the end its just computer prgs. nothing you should spend feelings on. go back to RL! have feelings with real people. please move on, there is nothing special to see!

BTTR 6310i FTW 
26.2.13, 12:01 - Dies und Das
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let's face the truth: webOS is dead. uberdead
the basics are less usable from day to day as the corresponding apis of the internetservices change, development and bugfixing is zero. imho no future (to be fair: yes, email still works...)

now what? I dislike android iphöne and winmob. my though: why not completely switch the smartphone snort off.
no emails everywhere and always, no social networking on the couch, no instant messanger while brushing the teeth.

My new phones akku lasts 16 days, the brick is capable of bluetooth for my car and is looking _very_ oldschool


back to RL (a bit)


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