10 brand new and free C64 games released in 2018 for your pleasure 
23.10.18, 09:31 - retro & C64
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The commodeore C64 community is the most active one in the retro computer landscape. There are daily new releases hitting the BBSes (yes, real oldschool Buletin Board Systems) and the quality of this music, graphics, demos and games is mindblowing.

Why is the community still so strong? The commodore C64 was the most sold computer ever. Everyone had one, at least in germany. And the feeling you had, when you, after all the begging, got your parents so far to buy you this bleeding edge computer ("I can use it for school") and then programmed something and it even worked, was pure happieness. So strong in fact, that you never forget about it. Trading disks on the schoolyard was the only option to get new games (beside buying, but, hey, who could have afford this). Copy protections had to be 'removed'. A subculture formed, known as 'the scene'. It was all about cracking, hacking, sharing, programming and tweaking games. A lot of people for sure moved on to other computers, with more RAM and more colors. But the unique feeling wasn't the same and after some years everyone came back to the only true thing. Nowadays the frontend of this scene is the "commodore scene database", https://csdb.dk . All releases show up here. You might want to take a look and dig through the new daily entries for our 1MHz, 64 kb Ram, 16 color calculator.

There are even a few commercial Titles released: For example the best C64 game ever produced was Sam's Journey on christmas 2017 ( https://www.protovision.games/games/sams_journey.php?language=de ). If this gem would have been presented in the 80s Sam would undoubtable be more popular than Mario or Giana.

If you do not own an original C64, what is the normal case I guess, you can use an emulator, the most advanced one is called VICE and available for all newer computer systems. http://vice-emu.sourceforge.net/ (it's actually an emulator package for all commodore computers, for the C64 open 'x64').

But back on topic: I present to you a choice of

10 absolute brandnew and free games released in 2018

for the Commodore C64 worth playing:

XXV [2018]
Comment on csdb:
Really cool puzzle game! Perfect for brightening up a dull Monday night at home...

Phantom of the Blasteroids [2018]
Comment on csdb:
Really cool!

Rent-A-Cop Reloaded [2018]
Comment on csdb:
Neat game. Great animations and even stationary parallax in the background!

Yoomp!64 +3PD [2018]
Comment on csdb:
Technically brilliant

Crank Crank Revolution [2018]
Comment on csdb:
This is real fun! Great!

BinTris [2018]
Comment on csdb:
nice game !! difficult but nice :)

Iceblox Plus [2018]
Comment on csdb:
Superb game.

Tower of Rubble 64 [2018]
Comment on csdb:
Awesomeness. Instant addiction. I had to force myself to switch it off ;-)

Knight Lore [2018]
Comment on csdb:
Wow! I thought it's going to be commercial release ;)

Scuttlebutt 64 [2018]
Comment on csdb:
Now THAT'S what I call a great game... :)
Release of the year (for me) and an very early Xmas-gift... :)

I hope you enjoy this freaky nerdy fun hobby as much as I do. Have fun, stay childish,

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