Home cinema System with the OLD Rpi 
12.2.15, 21:40 - Linux
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Since I own a lot of these Rpi toys meanwhile and my old homecinema pc is more or less a huuuuge piece of garbage, I tried to turn one of my older Rpi's into my new homecinemacenter without using one of those fancy out of the box images like raspbmc.
I already did buy the mp2 key, quiet a wile ago, so my eldest son could watch tributes of panem in his room. (I really wanted to show him how to use the command line... ) it worked.

the only working Movie player "omxplayer" works fine for watching movies, but you still need to use the console to start it.
There is a Fontend called tboplayer, but still if you are not using the console you cannot sart it... no clicky clicky

The trick is to assign the movie files with omxplayer, but LXDE refuses to accept command lines as standard programs (a bug?).
So i added the OMXPlayer to the menu structure of LXDE which gives you the power to assign it as the standart program for movie files...
its done like this:

sudo nano /usr/share/applications/omxplayer.desktop

For it's contents paste:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=lxterminal --command "omxplayer -o hdmi %f"

Save and close the file (ctrl+x in nano)

as found on ... p;p=147434

no Joke, thats how it looks like :D

I think i still need to tweak the "omxplayer -o hdmi %f" line to play it without background or something, but its a working 35$ multimedia center playing all those fancy movies :D

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