a sad day for the webos community 
19.8.11, 08:58 - Linux
gepostet von web doc
imagine you have a perfect operating system for a smartphone, open source friendly, open for anybody to programm on, but noone is giving a sh*t and its a flop on the market, even if the price is fair.

hp pulled the ripcord.
they've bought palm (and webos) for more than a billion $, they pumped another billion in the wrecking company and after a year they've found that nothing changed:
-devices still don't sell
-hardware is not bleeding edge
-even worse: 5 different webos version are around, each more or less incompatible to another and the worst
-this scared all developers away

but still the OS is unique and a million times better than andr0id and i0s.

as there is a boatload of tablets not selling i expect to see the price falling in some days. and i really think i'll get one

and a nice quote from another article on precentral.net this day:
We don’t know, but at least webOS would still be alive. If HP can’t find a buyer or licensees, webOS is as good as dead.

:-( :-( :-(

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