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7.9.10, 11:52 - Dies und Das
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I just recalled a very impressive night back in 1995, short after my "university-entrance diploma" (abitur)

We met a girl called Delphine, an belgian exchange student. She was humorous and good looking, my friends took her with us to the very last night of the kanzleramt. (a very small club in bad nauheim, but its artists all became famous, such as heiko laux, anthony rother, johannes heil, pat lindsey. it was located Schnurstraße 12 Eingang Apfelstraße)

So we've had a great time in there, as it would have closed anyway, the bunch decided to blast away everything, destroy the inside and just drink to forget.

seconds before the police arrived, we decided (delphine wasnt 18 yet) to drive home, full of endorphines, happy like hell for being a part of clubbing history, but also a little sad, for this great time will never come back.

So we drove down the valley to a well known fireplace, where rehcil was chilling with his former gf sabine.
delphine started to share her "golden rules of life"

#1 - who is your best friend? - latex
#2 - be careful, fire burns
#3 - well, i actually forget this one :-D

as im growing older, i must say, these 2 recalled rules should be tagged in 50 feet large letters to the deutsche bank towers!!11eleven
all this is now 15 years ago, f*ck, i'm getting old.

sigh. keep the spirit alive,

UPDATE: 28.9.10 :)
facebook is a good place to search for a belgian girl called delphine i really found her, and guess what, she diesn't remember me :-)
I got the chance to talk to Tor Sten, one of the ppl celebrating this described night: the missing third rule is....


"Don't drink and drive!"


so long. have a nice week.


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