C64 is dead! long live the C64 
3.8.10, 17:00 - retro & C64
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Mr.Mouse/XeNTaX presented a little analysis of the entries in csdb, the commodore scene database, a db, where nearly_ all releases are collected.

origin: http://www.xentax.com/?page_id=235
what shall i say: the C64 is dead ;-)

well, not really, but its remarkable that there have been 8000 entries in '88 and less than 500 this year. interestingly the number of SID releases rose over time.

Last week I had a little free time to soort some disks and turn on my commmodore baby. with the popping up blue screen i simply started feeling happy.
this is something all of you folks out theree should do. do not use an emulator, use the real thing.


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