Idea: Twitter Thermo Ticker 
7.4.13, 11:33 - Linux
After building the TwitterMatrixTicker with my old Citizen 120D and the Raspberry Pi, I played a bit with my old POS Thermal printer. Especially to use it in my shop in Frankfurt City in the shop window as a gimmick.
Connecting the printer was easy, as easy as connecting the matrix printer 1 week before. The script has been modified slightly to understand the german "üäöß" special letters.
The basic setup is working. Next step will be a wifi stick to let it run wireless in the shopwindow.
One question still needs to be solved:
what keyword(s) should it react on?

hmmm. I'll post some pictures soon



20.4.13, 10:00
here are the things that will be printed:

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